The Arms Trade Treaty

This book provides a unique and comprehensive commentary on the Arms Trade Treaty adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013, with several contributors having direct involvement in the negotation of the Treaty.
Clare da Silva, Brian Wood
book | published | 1st edition
June 2021 | xxii + 426 pp.



ISBN 9781839701054



ISBN 9781839701603

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This book was previously published by Larcier. By popular demand, it has been republished and is now available in ebook format. For full details, see the preliminary pages.

On 2 April 2013, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Arms Trade Treaty and on 24 December 2014, it entered into force. This marked the end of a long road towards achieving the first global treaty regulating the international trade in conventional arms and preventing their illicit trade and diversion.

This book offers readers a concise and workable insight into each of the Articles of this important legal instrument, as well as its negotiation and scope of application. It brings together renowned state practitioners, legal academics and non-governmental expert analysts with different perspectives and backgrounds, many of whom were directly involved in the negotiation of the Treaty itself.

The Arms Trade Treaty will provide a comprehensive commentary to guide academics, officials, diplomats and others in the implementation of the Treaty.


With contributions by Pablo Adrián Arrocha Olabuenaga, Sibylle Bauer, Paul Beijer, Francesca Caonero, Astrid Reisinger Coracini, Clare da Silva, Eric Danon, Peter Danssaert, Roberto Garciá Moritán, Claudio Gramizzi, Björn Griebel, Tom Haeck, Paul Holtom, Atina Karim, Lukasz Korecki, Elli Kytömäki, Mike Lewis, Cristiane Lucena Carneiro, Rosella Mangion, Nicholas Marsh, Armando Meneses Larios, Penelope Nevill, Rodrigo Pintado, Thomas Wayde Pittman, Guy Pollard, Edmond Seay, Joël Sollier, Fiona Southward, Diego Valadares Vasconcelos Neto, Mubarak Waseem, Anne-Charlotte Merrell Wetterwik, Andrew Wood, Brian Wood, Peter Woolcott, William T. Worster and Zeray Yihdego.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (p. 0)

List of Contributors (p. 0)

Introduction (p. 1)

Preamble (p. 5)

Article 1: Object and Purpose (p. 15)

Article 2: Scope (p. 24)

Article 3: Ammunition/Munitions (p. 58)

Article 4: Parts and Components (p. 76)

Article 5: General Implementation (p. 89)

Article 6: Prohibitions (p. 103)

Article 7: Export and Export Assessment (p. 142)

Article 8: Import (p. 175)

Article 9: Transit or Trans-Shipment (p. 192)

Article 10: Brokering (p. 220)

Article 11: Diversion (p. 246)

Article 12: Record Keeping (p. 262)

Article 13: Reporting (p. 278)

Article 14: Enforcement (p. 304)

Article 15: International Cooperation (p. 321)

Article 16: International Assistance (p. 329)

Article 17: Conference of States Parties (p. 341)

Article 18: Secretariat (p. 352)

Article 19: Dispute Settlement (p. 365)

Article 20: Amendments (p. 373)

Article 21: Signature, Ratification, Acceptance, Approval or Accession (p. 377)

Article 22: Entry into Force (p. 382)

Article 23: Provisional Application (p. 389)

Article 24: Duration and Withdrawal (p. 393)

Article 25: Reservations (p. 397)

Article 26: Relationship with Other International Agreements (p. 405)

Article 27: Depositary (p. 418)

Article 28: Authentic Texts (p. 422)

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List of Contributors (p. 0)
Article 14: Enforcement (p. 304)