SLS (The Society of Legal Scholars) 2021 

 31 August-3 September
Intersentia will be at t
he 112th Annual Conference

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This book examines coronavirus-related legislation and its consequences in European states. It brings together expert contributions from over 80 academics and practitioners. The book deals with the impact of EU law on private relations. While EU law has principally developed through vertical relations of the Union and its Member States with private persons, its foundations, principles and enforcement mechanisms are increasingly affecting the growing body of EU law governing horizontal relations between individuals and undertakings. The results are sometimes unexpected and sometimes inappropriate. This book is a short and accessible introduction to the concepts of human rights, the Internet and the emergence of an era of human rights online as a new legal challenge. This book analyses the emerging concept of 'non-regression' as a novel legal principle of international environmental law. In order to do so, it traces the development of related concepts in the framework of international human rights law and advocates their application to international environmental law using a novel approach of comparative law method. How to choose the most beneficial enforcement regime for cross-border claims of a client? A question considerably complicated by (1) the existence of various European Union enforcement tools and (2) particularities in the national legal systems that impact on the operation and suitability of the various enforcement tools. This book compares and analyses the practical utility and potential pitfalls of the 2nd generation regulations (European Enforcement Order, European Order for Payment, European Small Claims Procedure and European Account Preservation Order) and their relation to Brussels Ibis. The work is based on an extensive evaluation of case law (published and unpublished), empirical data and literature from eight Member States (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain) and the Court of Justice of the European Union. This book provides a comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date account of the Strasbourg case-law on the right to a fair trial. It focuses on the Court's most important fair trial cases which have been selected following the Court's Jurisconsult's opinion of their jurisprudential interest.

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