1. In the past decades the coordination of social security provisions of the European Union have become of vital importance. This book gives a clear overview of the main lines and main developments of this significant part of EU law.

  2. This is a fresh and stimulating book on new challenges for civil justice. It brings together leading experts from across the world to discuss relevant topics of civil justice from regional, cross-border, international and comparative perspectives.
  3. European Employment Law

    Publication date: September 25, 2012

    The impact European employment law upon domestic law of the member states is becoming increasingly important. This volume therefore covers the complete scope of European employment law: its foundations in EU primary law and its various sources in EU secondary legislation, as well as the growing body of case law of the European Court of Justice.

  4. This book gives an overview of the legal framework governing industrial relations in the United Kingdom at a time when a possible return of a Conservative government threatens to undermine limited advances in collective employment law.

  5. This casebook addresses the following questions. What aspects of social security are covered by the European Convention on Human Rights? What obligations does a State have in the field of social security to safeguard the rights guaranteed in the Convention? To what extent can a national right to a social security benefit constitute a civil right or even a property right as protected by the Convention?