1. This book gives an overall picture of the principles of Belgian labour law, i.e. employment law as well as industrial relations law. The authors not only describe and analyse the legal aspects of labour relations, but also indicate developing trends in Belgium.
  2. Recht als tegenmacht

    Publication date: October 5, 2015

    Dit opstel strekt ertoe uit te nodigen tot een reflectie over de grondslag, de randvoorwaarden en de perken van en aan de bevrijdende of emancipatoire functie van het recht. Een verruimd inzicht in de materie is het streefdoel.
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  3. Belgian Employment Law

    Publication date: October 29, 2010

    This book gives an overall picture of Belgian employment law Unlike the majority of the other European countries, Belgium distinguishes between blue-collar and white-collar workers. Furthermore it is easier to fire an employee in Belgium than in most EU-Member States. An employer does not need any form of external approval.

  4. In this work the author tries to uncover the parameters the labour legislators used in the development of labour protection. He formulates a number of theses that allow him to establish a theory of labour law. The themes dealt with in this work fit in an overall vision on labour in its relation with capital as dealt with in law.

  5. The Essence of Social Dialogue contains the proceedings of the first seminar held by the European Platform on Social Dialogue (EPOS).

  6. In dit werk poogt de auteur de krachtlijnen bloot te leggen die de arbeidswetgever hebben geleid bij de uitwerking van de arbeidsbescherming.
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  7. Directive (EEC) No 94/45 is the first concrete step towards community-scale participation for workers. After a critical analysis of the directive and its implementation in Belgian, German, French and Dutch law by eminent international experts, four recent test cases are examined.