1. Biofuels are promoted as a type of renewable energy from biomass that replaces fossil fuels in transportation, in an attempt to achieve the three-fold objectives of energy security, rural development, and GHG emission reductions.

  2. The book presents a proposal for a harmonised European liability regime and discusses possibilities to enhance the feasibility of such a reform. It calls for a stronger involvement of the public in the nuclear sector and emphasises the intrinsic link between effective safety regulation and liability and compensation mechanisms.

  3. There is an increasing debate on the way in which the EU has developed and what it must look like in the future. This debate includes a discussion on one of the core aspects of European integration: at which level should the rules be set and who decides where the authority to do so should lie? Private law has an important role to play in this discussion. Many private law rules touch on the core of the internal market as they serve to foster tr...
  4. Compensating Ecological Damage

    Publication date: June 26, 2013

    This book focuses on the damage to private natural resources which have an ecological value in excess of their market value and the damage to public natural resources. Its aim is to design a compensation system, taking into account the interaction between regulation, liability rules and compensation mechanisms, to both prevent and compensate for ecological damage.

  5. This book assesses the role of EU agencies and networks of regulators from a legal perspective, thus linking the role of law to the debates on network governance. Two case studies form the core of the research: EU energy and electronic communications regulation.

  6. This book examines the harmonisation of environmental liability rules in a federal system from a law and economics perspective. Throughout the book, soil pollution is used as an example.


  7. This book gives a general insight into the legal aspects of soil pollution and the decontamination of polluted soil.