1. Millions of children are on the move worldwide. Children are fleeing conflicts and wars. They move with or without their parents to attain a better future. This book reflects the growing concern for children and children’s rights in immigration in academia and practice and shows the diversity of issues related to immigration and children, including family reunification, detention, participation, human trafficking and the rights of siblings in ...

  2. Practically every organisation in the world processes personal data. European data protection law imposes a series of requirements designed to protect individuals against the risks that result from the processing of their data. It also distinguishes among different types of actors involved in the processing and sets out different obligations for each type of actor. The most important distinction in this regard is the distinction between “contr...

  3. Concentrating solely on shale gas, this book is structured around five themes, namely an overview and introduction to shale gas activities, shale gas economics and energy security, access to shale gas resources, shale gas law and regulation, and the future of shale gas.
  4. Grondwettelijk recht

    Publication date: February 15, 2016

    Dit boek biedt een volledig overzicht van het grondwettelijk recht in de gelaagde rechtsorde. Het is in de eerste plaats opgevat als een inleidende cursus voor al wie zich in het grondwettelijk recht wil verdiepen. Daarnaast richt het boek zich op de praktijkjurist die op zoek is naar een toegankelijk handboek.

  5. Het organiseren van de gezondheidszorg veronderstelt een juridisch kader. De auteurs gaan na wie bevoegd is om op Europees, federaal en gemeenschapsniveau regelgeving inzake de gezondheidszorg uit te werken.
  6. Sociale media anno 2015

    Publication date: September 30, 2015

    In dit boek analyseren de auteurs, academici en advocaten de impact en het gebruik van de sociale media in een aantal rechtsdomeinen, zoals mensenrechten, gegevensbeschermingsrecht, mededingingsrecht, contractenrecht, consumentenrecht, intellectuele rechten, erfrecht, internationaal privaatrecht en bewijs- en strafprocesrecht.

  7. When buying goods or services on behalf of a public authority, procurement officers must translate the buyer’s needs into tender documents that are clear, lawful, and well-designed. This guide helps them in this task. Rich in practical examples, it is written for procurement practitioners at all levels of government – from the local to the international – including drafters of calls for tenders, controllers, tender evaluators, managers who aut...

  8. This book discusses how the European institutions deal with health and human rights. It describes the meaning of the most important human rights involved in this area, and it addresses a variety of themes and approaches that engage with health and human rights links, including patient rights, reproductive health, and issues surrounding death and dying. Lastly, it furthermore discusses the position of a number of vulnerable groups, in particula...