Nordic Cohabitation Law

This book describes and analyses the different legal approaches and policy discussion regarding cohabitation in the Nordic countries.
John Asland, Margareta Brattström, Goran Lind, Ingrid Lund-Andersen, Anna Singer, Tone Sverdrup
European Family Law
book | published | 1st edition
September 2015 | xii + 276 pp.



ISBN 9781780683249

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ISBN 9781780685366

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This book describes and analyses the different legal approaches and policy discussion regarding cohabitation in the Nordic countries (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland). It looks at historical developments, general private law principles, division of property on separation or death of one cohabitant, inheritance, and the regulations concerning children born to cohabitants. It concludes by proposing principles for the regulation of the financial circumstances of cohabitants.


Table of Contents (p. 0)

Chapter 1. The Development of Cohabitation and Cohabitation Law in the Nordic Countries (p. 1)

Chapter 2. Property Issues in Cohabitation Relationships (p. 57)

Chapter 3. Financial Settlements on Termination of Cohabitation (p. 109)

Chapter 4. The Legal Position of the Surviving Cohabitant (p. 161)

Chapter 5. The Relevance of Cohabitation for Parental Rights (p. 211)

Chapter 6. The Distinctive Legal Nature of Cohabitation Relationships and the Need for Legislation (p. 241)

Chapter 7. Discussion of Legal Policy: Principles for Regulating Cohabitation Relationships (p. 267)

References (p. 283)

About the Authors (p. 289)

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European Family Law

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