1. Rome I and Rome II in Practice

    Publication date: September 15, 2020

    This book is devoted to the applicable law to contractual and non-contractual obligations in the European Union as applied before the Courts.

  2. This book explores a range of issues related to the development, application and enforcement of international criminal justice within Africa and on Africa. Written by experts from Africa, and adopting African perspectives, it seeks to understand the scope and reach of these issues, nationally, regionally and globally.

  3. Dit boek biedt een beknopt overzicht van de beginselen van het internationaal publiekrecht. Het is geschreven met het oog op het onderwijs in het bachelorprogramma in de rechten, maar het laat zich ook hanteren als een kernachtige introductie tot het internationaal recht voor andere gebruikers: hogescholen, diplomatieke en andere professionele opleidingen, en meer algemeen voor practici, van de advocaat tot de diplomaat en de magistraat.

  4. This book brings together international experts to discuss questions and challenges relating to the legal articulation of the emerging right to gender self-determination and its consequences for law and society, such as the future of sex/gender registration and the protection of trans persons against discrimination.

  5. This book is a comprehensive analysis of the choice of court and choice of law provisions that apply to cross-border family matters and succession in EU private international law.

  6. This book brings together a range of views on the reciprocal influences of substantive and private international law in the fields of family and succession law. It outlines some key elements of this interplay in selected jurisdictions and provides a basis for discussion and future work on the reciprocal influences of domestic and European law.

  7. This book looks at the domestication of children’s rights through the means of constitutionalisation. Constitutionalised, children’s rights become an important frame of reference for the formulation and implementation of legislation and strengthen children’s standing before the courts. However, many leading constitutional developments remain inaccessible due to language barriers. This book is a first effort to make developments and case law mo...