1. Treaty-Making in Federations

    Publication date: November 26, 2021

    This book deals with the subject of treaty making in federations. First, a theoretical framework is developed, addressing the question of which level(s) of government should possess treaty making power. Second, the current legal framework is analyzed from three perspectives: international, European and comparative domestic. Third, the theory developed is put to the practical test and an assessment is made regarding the making of tax treaties i...

  2. This volume covers the complete scope of European employment law: its foundations in EU primary law and its various sources in EU secondary legislation, as well as the growing body of case law of the European Court of Justice.

  3. The book deals with topical issues in the ongoing process of harmonisation in the fields of environmental and energy law. Applying critical perspectives, the contributors address a broad array of issues ranging from more general concepts and processes of harmonisation to more specific applications with regard to the domains of environmental and energy law.

  4. In this book, which is part of the book series of the Common Core of European Private Law, reporters consider legal institutions that allow persons who have occupied private or public land of others to acquire that land through mere long-term use.

  5. Dit boek behandelt de impact en toename van de activiteit van buitenlandse ondernemingen en werknemers op Belgisch grondgebied, met bijzondere nadruk op detachering en het gebruik van het vrij verkeer door EU-ondernemingen. Naast een uitgebreide schets van het huidige juridisch kader, wordt ook aandacht besteed aan de praktische impact op Belgische en buitenlandse ondernemingen maar ook aan misbuiken van buitenlandse tewerkstelling.