1. Active Ageing and Labour Law

    Publication date: November 6, 2012

    This book deals with active ageing and labour law and is dedicated to professor Roger Blanpain at the occasion of his 80th anniversary.

  2. Within the European Union, social security basically remains a national field of competence. The lack of common norms has paved the way for a large disparity in social protection between EU Member States, which is not conducive to the European single market. Moreover, it may lead to an increase in poverty and social exclusion and intensify economic competition between Member States. At the same time, almost all EU Member States are bound by on...

  3. Our social security systems face many challenges. Economic crises, the ageing of the population and changing employment patterns call for a reorientation of policies. In the last few decades the introduction of private elements has often been advocated as a way forward. This book addresses the questions to which this privatisation gives rise.