1. This book presents comparative perspectives based on findings presented in National Reports on the theme 'Plurality and Diversity in Law: Family Forms and Family's Functions'. The contributions focus on whether, and if so, how, family law recognises that a child can have multiple parents, and which family functions are recognised and favoured by the law.

  2. This book provides an understanding of how States around the world, whether in the Global North or the Global South, deal with and organize the religious, ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity within them and how, in the same vein, they deal with the plurality of opinions and legal systems.
  3. Culture and Law

    Publication date: April 17, 2023

    One of the greatest contributions of the twentieth century was undoubtedly the expansion of the concept of culture. One of the consequences of the amplification of the notion of culture was that it permeated all social disciplines, and law was evidently no exception. Research into law and culture was somewhat belated but has recently yielded a multitude of interesting literature and relevant inquiries. This important volume brings together med...

  4. This book provides the first thorough examination of the concept of lawyer roles in knowledge work, offering a detailed comparative exploration and analysis of the globalized legal services industry in terms of individual and corporate professional functions.

  5. The book explores, from a comparative perspective, the impact of the European Convention of Human Rights on a wide range of private law issues, including family law, data protection law, media law, copyright law, labour law as well as private international law and procedural law.