1. This reference book brings together a number of contracts that are governed by Belgian law but drafted in English. Each model is preceded by a short introduction summarizing the most salient provisions of Belgian law relevant to that particular contract Also, in most models, different options and alternative wording are included.

  2. In support of clubs and football agents applying on their own initiative high standards of good governance, this note calls for EU legislative intervention to level the regulatory and supervisory playing fields to create a true internal market for football agents and professional football clubs with acceptable minimum levels of good governance for all.

  3. This book compiles the various papers presented at the ''2nd UTP Roundtable'' organized by the Consumer Market Competition (CCM) institute of the KU Leuven on 28 June 2018. It entails a critical analysis of the final text of the EU Directive, the current state of play and the different regulatory options at national level by 2021.

  4. Consortium agreements for research projects of the European Commission are managed in Brussels. Therefore Belgian law is often applicable to these contracts. As organisations from all European Union member states and associated countries are potential contracting parties, numerous basic questions about Belgian contract law and multiparty agreements in particular arise. This book takes a look at model agreements from a Belgian contract law pers...
  5. Understanding EU Commission Tenders

    Publication date: February 4, 2010

    Each year the institutions of the European Union tender for contracts with a total value of between €18 - €20 billion. These already large figures are likely to increase in the new budget for 2013 onwards. EU tenders are subject to a special set of rules set out in the EU's Financial Regulation and a series of subsidiary rules adopted by the EU Commission. Understanding EU Commission Tenders is based on a thorough understanding of the law but ...