1. This book traces the uncharted history of validity and invalidity, two central categories of legal thought ubiquitous in contemporary private and public law. It shows how they emerged in response to social needs that remain pressing today.
  2. General Principles of EU Civil Law

    Publication date: December 3, 2013

    General Principles of EU Civil Law focuses on a rapidly developing but still highly controversial area of EU law: the emergence of general principles with constitutional relevance for EU civil law, guiding its interpretation, gap filling and legality control.
  3. Why Europe Needs a Civil Code

    Publication date: June 21, 2013

    Does the European Union need a Civil Code? Like a dark cloud, this question hovers over debates about the future of private law in Europe.

  4. This book supplies a number of perspectives on the development of enforcement of court judgments and other enforceable documents in Europe. The articles are written by experts from legal academia and professionals involved in enforcement practice. New trends are highlighted.