1. This book analyses proprietary restitution, at law and in equity, and inquires whether proprietary relief is available in defective transfers of property. It particularly covers the law of rescission, resulting and constructive trusts, tracing and unjust enrichment.

  2. Grundlage ist ein detaillierter Rechtsvergleich der französischen Ausgleichsleistung prestation compensatoire und des deutschen Geschiedenenunterhalts unter Berücksichtigung relevanter Bezüge zum Scheidungs- und Verfahrensrecht sowie gesellschaftlicher und familienpolitischer Rahmenbedingungen.

  3. This volume focuses on comparative and international family law in Europe in their respective cultural contexts. The interventions address the new Principles of European Family Law regarding Property Relations between Spouses, the proposed EU private international law regulations for spouses and registered partners for international couples and their property relations, the laws of a growing number of countries which legislate non-formalized r...

  4. The optional matrimonial property regime of the community of accrued gains was created to address legal difficulties that may arise from marriages between persons of different nationalities or persons not living in their country of origin. It is the result of a treaty between France and Germany and entered into force in 2013.

  5. This book contains the Principles of European Family Law regarding Property Relations between Spouses. In these Principles, the CEFL has developed an all-inclusive set of rules for two matrimonial property regimes: the participation in acquisitions and the community of acquisitions.

  6. This volume in the EFL-Series aims at enabling a larger and more contextualised view on succession law, by studying the issue of imperative inheritance law from five different perspectives: legal anthropology, legal history, sociology of law, law and economics, and comparative law. All perspectives are introduced by eminent scholars.