1. This book addresses key questions about the division of property when a marriage, civil union, de facto relationship, or other close personal relationship ends. The book adopts a conceptual approach to property division, using New Zealand’s current law as a basis for critical analysis and drawing on international and comparative perspectives.
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  2. Grundlage ist ein detaillierter Rechtsvergleich der französischen Ausgleichsleistung prestation compensatoire und des deutschen Geschiedenenunterhalts unter Berücksichtigung relevanter Bezüge zum Scheidungs- und Verfahrensrecht sowie gesellschaftlicher und familienpolitischer Rahmenbedingungen.
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  3. This book contains the Principles of European Family Law regarding Property Relations between Spouses. In these Principles, the CEFL has developed an all-inclusive set of rules for two matrimonial property regimes: the participation in acquisitions and the community of acquisitions.
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  4. This volume in the EFL-Series aims at enabling a larger and more contextualised view on succession law, by studying the issue of imperative inheritance law from five different perspectives: legal anthropology, legal history, sociology of law, law and economics, and comparative law. All perspectives are introduced by eminent scholars.
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