1. The International Survey of Family Law is the annual review of the International Society of Family Law. It brings together reliable and clearly structured insights into the latest and most notable developments in family law from all around the globe.

  2. This book addresses the pluralisation of family forms as an expression of the transformation of society and its normative foundations. Against a legal background, the development of diverse family concepts and practices is examined and the (severed) links between sexuality, gender and reproduction are explored.

  3. This book presents comparative perspectives based on findings presented in National Reports on the theme 'Plurality and Diversity in Law: Family Forms and Family's Functions'. The contributions focus on whether, and if so, how, family law recognises that a child can have multiple parents, and which family functions are recognised and favoured by the law.

  4. The book focuses on the development of marriage law in Ireland from 1937 to the present day, raising broader questions about the appropriate role of law in establishing, preserving and developing inclusive social understandings of marriage.