1. This book includes the conference proceedings of a conference in September 2019. The Institute for Property Law of the University of Leuven had the opportunity to welcome numerous authoritative legal scholars to debate on the impact of sustainability challenges on the crossroads between contract and property.The contributions in this book are on the one hand, careful analyses of national laws, and on the other hand, more general view...


  2. This book extensively analyses obligations connected to property rights, or ‘real obligations’, in a comparative perspective through a study of Belgian, French, Dutch and Scots law. Examples of real obligations are the periodical payment obligation of a long lease holder, the maintenance of the property subject to a servitude and the financial contributions by apartment owners.

  3. This book brings together a group of renowned contract lawyers to analyse how their own legal systems deal with twelve cases of morally dubious agreements. It explores questions of validity, enforceability and the availability of remedies, while offering crucial insights into the divergences and converges between different European legal systems.