1. De achtste editie van het boek Bijzondere overeenkomsten in kort bestek is volledig gericht op de elementaire beginselen. Er zijn geen voetnoten, maar wel een beperkte bibliografi e, na elk deel een aantal oefeningen (sommige met voorbeeld van oplossing) en ook een aantal didactische schema’s en tabellen.

  2. This volume investigates how the post-crisis supervisory regime of the EU and the Eurozone impacts on bank managers’ duties and on market transactions: in their relationship to the large range of stakeholders, including the public as such, in current lending and investment transactions, in the phase of recovery and resolution (with bail-ins triggering changes of contractual rights), but also in adjudication, namely in banking related ADR schemes.
  3. Law of Remedies

    Publication date: August 23, 2019

    With the increasing importance of the concept of remedies in European private law, this book focuses on remedies as a distinctive and novel field of European legal research and considers the common law tradition as well as the civil law viewpoint.

  4. This book explores the theoretical basis of precontractual liability for the breaking-off of contractual negotiations and after a comparative analysis of common law (England) and civil law jurisdictions (Germany, France and Chile), argues in favour of a shift from good faith to the notion of reliance.

  5. This is an overview of interpretation and gap filling mechanisms in international commercial contracts covering CISG, UNIDROIT Principles, PECL and DCFR.
  6. The Borderlines of Tort Law

    Publication date: August 16, 2019

    This volume explores how differences between tort and contract affect the foundations of liability, the nature and amount of the compensation, the extent of liability and whether defences and limitation periods corresponding to the distinct causes of action give rise to substantially different outcomes.