1. This book contains the Principles of European Family Law regarding Property Relations between Spouses. In these Principles, the CEFL has developed an all-inclusive set of rules for two matrimonial property regimes: the participation in acquisitions and the community of acquisitions.

  2. This booklet contains the text of the valedictory lecture by Professor Dr. Walter L.J. Pintens on the occasion of his admission to emeritus status. Dit boekje bevat de tekst van het afscheidscollege van Professor Dr. Walter L.J. Pintens ter gelegenheid van zijn toelating tot het emeritaat.
  3. De vereffening van de nalatenschap

    Publication date: November 29, 2007

    Dit boek belicht niet alleen een aantal ontwikkelingen met een blik over de grenzen, maar behandelt ook een aantal knelpunten die zich in de praktijk bij de vereffening van de nalatenschap stellen.

  4. In these Principles, the CEFL has developed a comprehensive and original set of rules in the field of parental responsibilities based on respect for the rights of the child, non-discrimination and, as far as possible, self-determination. In their provisions on specific issues the Principles opt for solutions which seem to be workable and shall avoid unnecessary hardship and disputes.

  5. The CEFL presents its first Principles of European Family Law in the field of divorce and maintenance between former spouses. The Principles aim to bestow the most suitable means for the harmonisation of family laws in Europe. In this respect they may serve as a frame of reference for national, European and international legislatures alike.