1. Millions of children are on the move worldwide. Children are fleeing conflicts and wars. They move with or without their parents to attain a better future. This book reflects the growing concern for children and children’s rights in immigration in academia and practice and shows the diversity of issues related to immigration and children, including family reunification, detention, participation, human trafficking and the rights of siblings in ...

  2. Children’s rights and Human development is a new and uncharted domain in human rights and psychology research. This multidisciplinary book is the first to introduce this domain to students and researchers of children’s rights, child development, child maltreatment, family and child studies and related fields. The texts in this book may be used both as background readings and as tasks for group discussion in problem based learning or other edu...
  3. Kinderrechten in België

    Publication date: April 3, 2008

    Kinderrechten in België bevat de schriftelijke neerslag van een postacademische vorming kinderrechten die de UNICEF-leerstoel kinderrechten van de Universiteit Antwerpen in het najaar van 2007 organiseerde.

  4. The emancipation of the young child and the rehabilitation and emancipation of the deprived, exploited, abused and neglected child remain in a legal shadow land. This book intends to explore this shadow land. It introduces the concepts of the Trias pedagogica and Transism in order to shed light on the obligations and responsibilities of states and other actors in the empowerment of children, caregivers and communities.