1. The criminal justice system encompasses the most severe instrument at the state's disposal in times of peace. For this and many other reasons, overuse of that system is a serious matter. Containing an extensive collection of expert knowledge, this volume intends to expose legal possibilities, good practices and the many challenges that lie ahead when attempting to prevent overuse in the criminal justice system.
  2. Women in Prison

    Publication date: March 20, 2017

    This volume explores the first international instrument on the needs of women in prison, the 2010 UN Bangkok Rules.

  3. The need to prevent convicted prisoners and other offenders from reoffending constitutes a major challenge for both criminal justice and penitentiary systems. This volume therefore first of all focuses on the value of restoring offenders to a useful life from the perspective of prisoners, their family, society, the tax-payer, prison staff and administration and victims, as well as from a criminological viewpoint.
  4. Pre-trial detention

    Publication date: May 22, 2012

    Although no adequately functioning criminal justice system can presently do entirely without detaining any suspects, pre-trial detention remains problematic in the context of human rights, the detainee’s family and society. This volume offers a wide variety of topics that are relevant to pre-trial detention: developments that affect the application of pre-trial detention; relevant international and national human rights standards as well as mo...