Governance: the art of aligning interests

This Liber Amicorum brings together the 20 contributions, in honour of Lutgart Van den Berghe.
Abigail Levrau, Sandra Gobert
book | published | 1st edition
September 2019 | xxxii + 346 pp.



ISBN 9789400009974



ISBN 9781780688985

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This Liber Amicorum brings together the 20 contributions, in honour of Lutgart Van den Berghe.

1. Executive remuneration: from copycat to full-blown governance tool
Xavier Baeten

2. The Governance of Network
Roger Barker

3. Corporate Governance and revisiting a shift in accounting
Bruno Colmant

4. On Good Governance in Higher Education – The Search for More Solid Autonomy
Enshrined in Accountability
Jan De Groof

5. Technology in the Boardroom
Koenraad Debackere

6. Corporate Interest: for a pragmatic approach
Xavier Dieux

7. Governance in hospitals: from financial control to monitoring clinical performance
Kristof Eeckloo

8. Academic Research in Corporate Governance: a Bibliometric Study on Who has Impact and Influence
Yves Fassin

9. A Sustainable Platform Economy and the Future of Corporate Governance
Mark Fenwick and Erik P.M. Vermeulen

10. Board effectiveness in FTSE 250 companies: diversity may hold the key
Rita Goyal, Andrew and Nada Kakabadse

11. Performance of family controlled listed companies: the need for a symbiosis between entrepreneurship and governance
Philippe Haspeslagh

12. The Companies and Associations Code and the Code on Corporate Governance
Philippe Lambrecht

13. Board dynamics and directors’ personality: lifting the veil
Abigail Levrau, Fanny Dhondt and Marc Timmerman

14. Stretching the Board’s Managerial Logic.Introducing a Touch of Agility
Herman Van den Broeck and Barney Jordaan

15. Aligning Shareholder Voting and Shareholder Engagement
Christoph Van der Elst

16. Board Structure and Bank Performance in Belgium
Rudy Vander Vennet and Elien Meuleman

17. The Times They Are A-Changing
Louis-Henri Verbeke

18. What Every Director Should Know About Strategy
Kurt Verweire

19. The Human Experience of Being-in-the-Board: a Phenomenological Approach
Jaap Winter

20. Shareholder Governance
Eddy Wymeersch

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