Human Resource Management: Basics (third edition)

In Human Resource Management Basics the author covers the primordial HR issues such as recruitment and selection, socialisation and leadership, improved performance and dismissal of staff. Suitable for both practitioners and students who want to acquire a strong basic background in HR.

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Ralf Caers
book | published | 3rd edition
July 2021 | xvi + 422 pp.


ISBN 9781839701269

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In today’s organisations, Human Resource Management is no longer the sole responsibility of the HR-department. In all other departments, direct supervisors are already performing a wide variety of HR-tasks. They are involved in job interviews, they lead and motivate their staff, monitor their performance and do the evaluation interviews. The awareness of how important healthy and sustainable work relationships are, has grown strongly over the past decades, to the point where HRM is correctly seen as one of the most important domains in modern business.

Human Resource Management Basics discusses a wide variety of HRM domains – from recruitment and selection to socialization and leadership, from monitoring and improving staff performances to restructurings and dismissals. We thereby combine the classic and new theories with new trends, techniques and business cases, integrating the academic and the professional worlds of HRM. We also merge insights from psychology and economics to acquire a broad understanding of HR choices and their effects. This makes Human Resource Management Basics a fine book for students and professionals who want to deepen their understanding of HRM.

Human Resource Management Basics is a handbook loaded with examples and recent business cases, backed-up by scientific research; extended with online exercises for students and voice recordings from the author; useful for business professionals and students who want to acquire a strong and broad knowledge of HRM; updated using the feedback of dozens of lecturers who have used the handbook for years.

Ralf Caers is professor of HRM at KU Leuven, Ehsal Management School and Hasselt University. He is head of the unit ‘Work and Organization Studies’ at KU Leuven, columnist for HR Magazine, owner of the coaching firm Passiemento and a popular public speaker on a variety of HR topics.​

Table of Contents

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Ralf Caers

Chapter 1. HRM: definition and history (p. 1)

Ralf Caers

Chapter 2. Recruitment (p. 63)

Ralf Caers

Chapter 3. Selection (p. 129)

Ralf Caers

Chapter 4. Socialisation (p. 195)

Ralf Caers

Chapter 5. Performance management (p. 243)

Ralf Caers

Chapter 6. Outflow of employees (p. 343)

Ralf Caers

Annex (p. 371)

Ralf Caers

Endnotes (p. 373)

Ralf Caers

Bibliography (p. 399)

Ralf Caers

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Inhoudsopgave (p. 0)
Ralf Caers
Chapter 1. HRM: definition and history (p. 1)
Ralf Caers

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