1. In deze studie wordt de discriminatie op basis van handicap en gezondheidstoestand doorgelicht vanuit het arbeidsrecht. Elke ongelijke behandeling door de werkgever op basis van handicap en gezondheidstoestand wordt verboden wanneer er geen objectieve rechtvaardiging voor wordt gegeven.
  2. Flexicurity and the Lisbon Agenda

    Publication date: October 17, 2008

    This book aims to foster the debate on flexicurity in the European Union from a multi-disciplinary approach. It raised key questions, such as: In what context does flexicurity play a role? What are the current challenges for the world of work? What is the meaning of flexicurity? How is it to be understood in European economic and social policy? What is the success of the ‘Danish model’ and is it transferable? What is the effect of the flexicur...
  3. Buitenlanders in de sport

    Publication date: October 27, 2004

    Dit boek bevat de bijgewerkte teksten van de studienamiddagen over ‘buitenlanders in de sport’ die werden gehouden aan de rechtsfaculteiten van de KU Leuven op 18 mei 2004 en de UvTilburg op 25 mei 2004.

  4. This book deals with employment privacy law, a field of knowledge that increasingly gains influence in legal theory and daily practice. It concentrates on the legal regulation of general human resources data as well as sensitive data in the employment context.