1. This book sets out a human rights approach to domestic abuse. It argues that the European Convention on Human Rights provides a powerful framework upon which to build a strong legal response to the problem of domestic abuse.
  2. General Data Protection Regulation

    Publication date: May 27, 2020

    The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force in May 2018. It is the most significant legal development in the sphere of privacy and data protection in the EU in the past 20 years. This book analyses the GDPR’s essential changes and related challenges that every lawyer, academic and privacy enthusiast should bear in mind.

  3. This book extensively analyses obligations connected to property rights, or ‘real obligations’, in a comparative perspective through a study of Belgian, French, Dutch and Scots law. Examples of real obligations are the periodical payment obligation of a long lease holder, the maintenance of the property subject to a servitude and the financial contributions by apartment owners.

  4. This book analyses proprietary restitution, at law and in equity, and inquires whether proprietary relief is available in defective transfers of property. It particularly covers the law of rescission, resulting and constructive trusts, tracing and unjust enrichment.

  5. This book provides precious insight into the dynamics of this new approach to consolidating European Civil Justice, clearly outlining the motivations of the various national and institutional players involved and examining potential obstacles likely to be encountered along the way. The book represents a work of reference for anyone involved in academia, practice or law reform in this subject area.
  6. Trapped in a Religious Marriage

    Publication date: January 30, 2020

    This book offers a human rights perspective of the phenomenon of marital captivity within Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim communities in both secular and non-secular States.

  7. Al meer dan 15 jaar het meest gezaghebbende referentiewerk over procesrecht in Vlaanderen.
    Volledig geactualiseerd tot 1 november 2019!

    Het Handboek Gerechtelijk recht beperkt zich niet tot een loutere beschrijving van de regelgeving. De auteurs van dit handboek hebben steeds de wetteksten aan een kritisch, maar constructief onderzoek onderworpen, waarbij ze steeds hebben gezocht naar afdoende antwoorden...


  8. Het Vademecum voor de VZW is het praktijkboek voor iedereen die werkt voor een VZW of betrokken is bij de werking van een VZW. De auteurs verduidelijken op een gestructureerde manier de verschillende juridische aspecten m.b.t. VZW’s, gaande van de oprichting van een VZW, over alle aspecten van het dagelijks bestuur, tot de ontbinding, vereffening of omzetting naar een vennootschap.

  9. This book examines the case law of the European Court of Justice concerning the requirement to interpret national law in conformity with EU law directives. It offers an in-depth analysis of the application of this obligation in three Member States: Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The key question underlying this examination is to what extent the established theories of supremacy of EU law, national constitutionalism and constitutional pl...
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