Right to Respect for Private and Family Life, Home and Correspondence

This book provides a comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date account of Strasbourg case-law on Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. It focuses on the Court's most important cases on private and family life, home and correspondence, which have been selected following the Court's Jurisconsult's opinion of their jurisprudential interest.
Päivi Hirvelä, Satu Heikkilä
book | published | 1st edition
October 2022 | xlii + 420 pp.



ISBN 9781839702747



ISBN 9781839703232

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Every year, the European Court of Human Rights delivers a large number of judgments, adding to its already extensive case-law. This makes it difficult for people outside the Court to know which cases are the most relevant and break new ground for Article 8 issues. This book seeks to respond to that need by focusing on the most important cases and aims to make the content of Article 8 accessible in order to best serve readers’ every-day practical legal needs. The cases are selected following the Court’s Jurisconsult’s opinion of their jurisprudential interest. In addition, the book includes a number of other cases that raise issues of general interest, establish new principles, or develop or clarify the Court’s existing case-law.

This book is much more detailed than any other Article 8 case-law book on the market. Court lawyers, judges and other practitioners often face situations where a reference is needed to a particular type of a case, but such reference is nowhere to be found. Most case-law guides on the European Convention on Human Rights cover all of the Convention Articles, meaning that each Article is not dealt with in a detailed manner. The authors of this book aimed to collect all possible reference cases together, where all, even the rarer cases, can be found, and to make this information available to others. The cases are summarised in such a manner that the readers’ attention is drawn to the essential points, allowing them to focus on the jurisprudential significance of a particular case. A clear structure utilising detailed headings helps the reader to quickly find the relevant case-law.

Right to Respect for Private and Family Life, Home and Correspondence – A Practical Guide to the Article 8 Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights is a comprehensive, easy-to-use and up-to-date reference book which provides a useful source of information for practitioners, theorists and students in the field of human rights.

Päivi Hirvelä is Supreme Court Justice and former Judge of the European Court of Human Rights in respect of Finland (2007-2015). She is a Doctor of Laws, docent in the field of human rights at the Universities of Helsinki, Turku and Lapland, member of Grevio and a former substitute member of the Venice Commission (2018-2022). She also lectures in the field of criminal procedure and human rights.

SATU HEIKKILÄ has worked in the Council of Europe since 2004 and in the European Court of Human Rights since 2007, dealing with cases brought against Finland and Sweden. She is a non-judicial rapporteur for Finland and Sweden and a quality checker in the Court’s Rule 39 team. She is a Doctor of Laws both from the Universities of Helsinki and Strasbourg and lectures in the latter. Currently, she works as an administrative judge in Finland.

Table of Contents

Table of contents and preliminary pages (p. 0)

Chapter 1. Introduction (p. 1)

Chapter 2. Protection of Private Life (p. 13)

Chapter 3. Protection of Family Life (p. 191)

Chapter 4. Protection of Home (p. 291)

Chapter 5. Protection of Correspondence (p. 339)

Bibliography (p. 387)

Index (p. 407)