Property Law Perspectives IV

Property Law Perspectives IV shows that attention is still being paid to the roots of property law.
Dorothy Gruyaert, Eveline Ramaekers, Luke Rostill
Ius Commune Europaeum
book | published | 1st edition
January 2016 | xii + 120 pp.


ISBN 9781780683706

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Property Law Perspectives IV contains a selection of the papers presented at the fifth meeting of the Young Property Lawyers Forum (YPLF), which took place at Wadham College, Oxford, in 2014. The YPLF is an informal, international network of property law researchers, which is primarily aimed at junior scholars. The papers presented at the YPLF are representative of the rapid developments currently taking place in property law scholarship, particularly in connection with EU law, environmental law, and internet law. Property Law Perspectives IV shows that attention is still being paid to the roots of property law. The papers in this volume take us on legal and historical journeys, exploring basic principles and well-known concepts of property law, such as the prior tempore rule, expropriation, proprietary security, and the rules on acquisitive and extinctive prescription. The wide variety of topics and jurisdictions discussed make this book a fascinating read for anyone interested in property law.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (p. 0)

Retention of Title v. Immovable Incorporation (p. 1)

Ann Apers, Dorothy Gruyaert

(Alternatives to) the Sale of Churches (p. 19)

Elien Dewitte

The First in Time Rule in Historical Context (p. 41)

Paul Krugerbrug Revisited: State Action with an Excessive Impact on Property Rights from a Comparative Perspective (p. 55)

Björn Hoops

The Reappearance of Ownership as a Means of Security in Mexican and French Law, the Battles Between Legal Technique and Legal Policy in Insolvency Law (p. 81)

On the Unity or Disunity of Acquisitive and Extinctive Prescription. Or How Daring Reinterpretations are not Always Right (p. 95)

Johan Van de Voorde

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