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Series on Transitional Justice

Countries emerging from long periods of authoritarian rule must often confront a legacy of gross human rights abuses perpetrated over many years. During the past two decades, these age-old issues have been termed “problems of transitional justice”, both by academics and policy makers around the world. Given the frequency with which these problems arise, as well as the complexity of the issues involved, it is striking that no book series has taken the issue of transitional justice as its point of focus.

The Series on Transitional Justice offers a platform for high-quality research within the rapidly growing field of transitional justice. This research is, of necessity, inter-disciplinary in nature, drawing from disciplines such as law, political science, history, sociology, criminology, anthropology and psychology, as well as from various specialised fields of study such as human rights, victimology and peace studies. It is furthermore international in outlook, drawing on the knowledge and experience of academics and other specialists in many different regions of the world.

The series is aimed at a variety of audiences who are either working or interested in fields such as crime and justice; human rights; humanitarian law and human security; conflict resolution and peace building. These audiences may include academics, researchers, students, policy makers, practitioners, non-governmental organisations and the media.

Editorial board:
- Prof. Stephan Parmentier (University of Leuven, Belgium)
- Prof. Jeremy Sarkin (NOVA University of Lisbon School of Law, Portugal) and
- Dr. Mina Rauschenbach (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland and University of Leuven, Belgium)

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Available volumes

  1. Latin American Experiences with Truth Commission Recommendations: Beyond Words Vol. II
    524 pp. | hardback

    Based on fieldwork unprecedented in scope, this project provides the first systematic study of the formulation and implementation of the recommendations of 13 Latin American truth commissions. Vol. II consists of 11 in-depth case studies from Latin America.
    €83.30 €119.-
  2. Exploring Truth Commission Recommendations in a Comparative Perspective: Beyond Words Vol. I
    296 pp. | hardback

    Based on fieldwork unprecedented in scope, this project provides the first systematic study of the formulation and implementation of the recommendations of 13 Latin American truth commissions. Vol. I focuses on cross-country analysis.
    €62.30 €89.-
  3. Rights of Families of Disappeared Persons
    218 pp. | hardback

    This book examines how international judicial and non-judicial bodies in Europe address the needs of the families of forcibly disappeared persons.
    €55.30 €79.-
  4. Just Memories

    Publication date: September 5, 2020<
    Just Memories
    346 pp. | hardback

    How do memory and remembrance relate to transitional justice that lays emphasis on restoration? What is captured and what is obliterated in individual and collective efforts to come to terms with a violent past? Across this volume consisting of twelve in-depth contributions, the politics of memory in various countries are related to restorative justice under four headings: restoring trust, restoring truth, restoring land and restoring law.
    €52.50 €75.-
  5. The Global Impact and Legacy of Truth Commissions
    300 pp. | hardback

    This book emerges at a time when there is growing criticism of both truth commissions and transitional justice as a whole. Its purpose is to understand the impact and legacy of these institutions over the past fifty years.
    €52.50 €75.-
  6. Bridging Divides in Transitional Justice
    336 pp. | hardback

    This book focuses on the radical communist revolution in Cambodia and the culture of impunity and silence imposed on the society under successive national governments. Dialogue on the suppressed past began in 2006 as key figures of the regime were brought before the in situ internationalised criminal court, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.
    €49.- €70.-
  7. Reparations for Child Victims of Armed Conflict
    276 pp. | hardback

    This book offers an analysis of the existing normative framework regulating the right to reparation for child victims of armed conflict. The study questions whether the current framework is sufficiently developed to provide child victims with adequate, effective and prompt reparations.
    €45.50 €65.-
  8. Facing the Past

    Publication date: July 29, 2016<
    Facing the Past
    388 pp. | hardback

    How do societies at the national and international level try to overcome historical injustices? What remedies did they develop to do justice to victims of large scale atrocities? And even more important: what have we learned from the implementation of these instruments?
  9. Child Soldiers and Transitional Justice
    272 pp. | hardback

    In a political climate that holds limited promise for addressing the issue of child recruitment, Child Soldiers and Transitional Justice: Protecting the Rights of Children Involved in Armed Conflicts challenges the trend towards a narrow focus on recruitment and use of the child, and seeks to contribute to more effective prevention and responses that offer the child a chance of recovery, reconciliation and reintegration.
    €49.- €70.-
  10. Transitional Criminal Justice in Post-Dictatorial and Post-Conflict Societies
    290 pp. | hardback

    States that are in transition after a dictatorship or a violent conflict face formidable challenges concerning accountability for human rights violations. This edited collection considers criminal justice as a method of addressing state violence committed by non-democratic regimes. Its main objectives concern a fresh, contemporary, and critical analysis of transitional criminal justice as a concept and its related measures, beginning with the ...
    €59.50 €85.-
  11. The Performance of Memory as Transitional Justice
    202 pp. | hardback

    Based on case studies spanning time and geography from the Spanish to the Nigerian civil wars, to government repression in Argentina and genocidal policies in Guatemala and Rwanda and, finally, to forced population removal in Australia and Israel, this collection represents a focused attempt to come to grips with some of the strategies used to publicly engage with traumatic memory work.
    €42.- €60.-
  12. Memorials in Times of Transition
    246 pp. | hardback

    Over the past decades, the practise of and research on transitional justice have expanded to preserving memory in the form of memorials. Yet what are the general roles of memorials in transitions to justice? Who uses or opposes memorials, and to which ends? How – and what – do memorials communicate both explicitly and implicitly to the public? What is their architectural language?
    €48.30 €69.-
  13. Transitional Justice and Memory in Europe (1945-2013)
    416 pp. | hardback

    What lessons can we learn from history, and more importantly: how? Efficient transitional justice policy evaluation requires, inter alia, an historical dimension. Nevertheless, history as a profession remains somewhat absent in the multi-disciplinary field of transitional justice. The idea that we should learn lessons from history continues to create unease among most professional historians. This volume is a major contribution in the search f...
    €52.50 €75.-
  14. Law, Nation-Building & Transformation
    334 pp. | hardback

    In this volume, fifteen contributors from the disciplines of law, politics and sociology reflect on South Africa’s transition to democracy and the challenges of transformation and nation-building that have confronted the country since the first democratic elections of 1994. The range of topics covered is expansive, in keeping with a broader than usual definition of transitional justice which, it is argued, is more appropriate for states faced ...
    €52.50 €75.-
  15. Historical Memory and Criminal Justice in Spain
    210 pp. | hardback

    The Spanish transition from the Franco regime to democracy has not been a very popular subject amongst researchers examining transitional justice at the international level. This book analyses, above all, the laws, policies and judicial decisions adopted in Spain that were related to the construction of the past and could therefore be understood as measures of transitional justice.
    €48.30 €69.-
  16. Feminist Perspectives on Transitional Justice
    362 pp. | hardback

    This book offers some insights into women’s perspectives and feminist views on the topic of transitional justice or ‘justice in transition’. Bringing feminism into the conversation, expands the possibilities for a transformative justice approach after a period of conflict or insecurity, not by replacing it with feminist theory, but by broadening the scope and vision of the potential responses.
    €52.50 €75.-
  17. Sexual Violence as an International Crime: Interdisciplinary Approaches
    400 pp. | hardback

    This edited volume will focus on developments in the prosecution of cases of sexual violence in (post-)conflict situations. The prosecution of those cases raises new and challenging questions as to how to build evidence, but also how to address victims’ concerns in that process. It will address innovations and challenges of empirical and other new kinds of social scientific, archival and medical data collection techniques; the development of e...
    €56.- €80.-
  18. International Law in Domestic Courts: Rule of Law Reform in Post-Conflict States
    336 pp. | hardback

    This volume examines in detail attempts that were made in certain significant post-conflict or post-authoritarian situations to strengthen the domestic rule of law with the aid of international law. Attention is paid in particular to the empowerment of domestic courts in such situations. International law may serve these courts as a tool for reconciling the demands for new rights and responsibilities with due process and other rule of law requ...
    €55.30 €79.-
  19. Rule of Law after War and Crisis

    Publication date: February 21, 2012<
    Rule of Law after War and Crisis
    276 pp. | hardback

    This book provides a critical analysis of past and current rule of law promotion, and argues that despite past experiences of development and technical assistance, rule of law reform in war-torn and crisis societies operates in an autonomous field where best practices and lessons learned are rarely or only superficially acknowledged. The author provides a comparative and systematic overview of how rule of law promotion has been put into effect...
    €52.50 €75.-
  20. Re-Member
    568 pp. | hardback

    The recruitment and operations of child soldiers have been hitting the headlines in politics and the media for many years. However, a much broader circle of children is affected by armed conflicts. Hence, the many challenges to deal with youth affected by armed conflict exceed by far the issue of the recruitment and demobilisation of child soldiers, but also extend to questions of rehabilitation, reintegration and reconciliation processes of a...
    €70.- €100.-
  21. Critical Perspectives in Transitional Justice
    502 pp. | hardback

    In the last twenty years, the field of transitional justice has gone from being a peripheral concern to an ubiquitous feature of societies recovering from mass conflict or repressive rule. The sprawl of transitional justice, however, has not always produced concepts and practices that are theoretically sound and grounded in the empirical realities of the societies in question. Critical Perspectives in Transitional Justice takes stock of this b...
    €66.50 €95.-
  22. Public Forgiveness in Post-Conflict Contexts
    262 pp. | hardback

    There seems to be a pervasive trend towards public apologies, forms of national introspection and appeals to grant forgiveness. This book discusses the role of forgiveness within processes of peace building and transitional justice. Does ‘forgiveness’ enable a public or political use of the term? Is it possible to forgive on behalf of others, and if so, under what conditions? These conceptual questions are related to reflections on the cultura...
    €43.40 €62.-
  23. Rethinking Transitions
    330 pp. | hardback

    This volume contributes thoughtful and rigorous research to the fundamental question how to apply truth, justice, reparations and institutional reform to fundamental – and often ancestral – inequalities in each transitional society.
    €57.40 €82.-
  24. Making the Transition

    Publication date: March 22, 2011<
    Making the Transition
    248 pp. | hardback

    Making the Transition provides an analysis of processes of reform, reconstruction and restructuring in the criminal justice field in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the years since it completed a violent secession from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). Across the three sectors of policing, courts and prisons, the work details the challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina and explores a range of internationally-sponsored reform init...
    €44.80 €64.-
  25. Margins of Conflict

    Publication date: November 30, 2010<
    Margins of Conflict
    196 pp. | hardback

    This book focuses on the margins of conflict: human rights aspects of transitions from peace to armed conflict and vice versa. In a stimulating way, experts in their field offer food for thought on a broad range of material and especially procedural issues concerning the limits human rights put on European societies which are on the brink of armed conflict and on the consequences of human rights violations committed during the armed conflict ...
    €37.10 €53.-
  26. Stones Left Unturned

    Publication date: October 8, 2010<
    Stones Left Unturned
    452 pp. | hardback

    Stones Left Unturned looks at the post-colonial history of Burundi through transitional justice lenses. It describes how repeated cycles of politico-ethnic violence as well as the so-called “remedial” action undertaken in their aftermath have been inspired by the desire to maintain or obtain political power. The book zooms in on the gap between the rhetorical commitment by domestic and international actors to establish a truth and reconciliati...
    €62.30 €89.-
  27. Long Road Home

    Publication date: February 15, 2010<
    Long Road Home
    282 pp. | hardback

    This book describes how excombatants and civilian survivors in Sierra Leone struggled to reconcile and build trust in their communities a year after the war ended. It explores the contribution of the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission to reconciliation and justice, and questions whether reconciliation is always a good thing. And it examines how the seemingly nebulous concept of reconciliation can be understood so that the term is...
    €44.80 €64.-
  28. Repairing the Past?

    Publication date: April 4, 2007<
    Repairing the Past?
    456 pp. | hardback

    The aim of this book is to stimulate debate on the issue of reparations for gross violations of human rights, in the hope that it will lead to increased visibility for the many deserving groups striving for some form of meaningful recognition or recompense for past injustices visited upon them. The book is eclectic in nature, being made up of contributions by a range of outstanding academics and practitioners from around the world.
    €62.30 €89.-