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Supranational Criminal Law: Capita Selecta

The time that criminal law was pre-eminently a national matter is gone. Criminal law and criminal procedure is no longer solely a product of decisions made by national legislative bodies, applied by national police, prosecutors and judges. A new criminal law is developing which goes beyond separate nations: supranational criminal law.

One example of this development is the relatively young body of law concerning war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Particularly essential to this development has been the establishment of the ICTY, the ICTR and the ICC, and of many internationalised tribunals all over the world. A second example of the development towards the supranationalisation of criminal law can be seen on a more regional level. In Europe for instance, the area of criminal law has become a prioritised field of co-operation in the third pillar of the European Union. These supranational criminal systems are criminal systems sui generis.

That at least is the presupposition of this series on supranational criminal law. The Supranational Criminal Law: Capita Selecta series contributes to this discussion from a theoretical, dogmatic point of view, working towards new, consistent and fair penal systems, crossing the borders of the old law families and traditions.

The series is edited by Dr. Roelof H. Haveman (editor-in-chief - Rule of Law Advisor, embassy of the Netherlands in Mali), Dr. Paul J.A. De Hert (Free University of Brussels, Belgium and University of Tilburg, the Netherlands) and Dr. Alette Smeulers (University of Groningen, the Netherlands).

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Available volumes

  1. Africa's Role and Contribution to International Criminal Justice
    284 pp. | paperback

    This book explores a range of issues related to the development, application and enforcement of international criminal justice within Africa and on Africa. Written by experts from Africa, and adopting African perspectives, it seeks to understand the scope and reach of these issues, nationally, regionally and globally.
    €51.45 €73.50
  2. The Independence of the International Criminal Court
    136 pp. | paperback

    The Independence of the International Criminal Court: Between a Rock and a Hard Place focuses on understanding the different competing narratives defending and critiquing the ICC's 'institutional' independence and legitimacy, especially in its relationship with Africa.
    €39.90 €57.-
  3. Convergences and Divergences Between International Human Rights, International Humanitarian and International Criminal Law
    298 pp. | paperback

    Although rooted in a similar ideal, human rights (IHRL), international criminal law (ICL) and international humanitarian law (IHL) are separate fields of law, best represented as circles, each of which overlaps with the other two. However human rights often seems to absorb the other two, while in other situations, the lines between human rights law and its next door neighbours are blurred or contested.
    €55.30 €79.-
  4. Extended Confiscation in Criminal Law
    354 pp. | paperback

    This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the development of extended confiscation in criminal law. With its main focus on the framework of the European Union, national and international regimes on confiscation are viewed from a multi-faceted perspective.
    €63.- €90.-
  5. Selective Enforcement and International Criminal Law
    288 pp. | paperback

    The dynamics of enforcing international criminal justice through the International Criminal Court (ICC) has become a challenging exercise in Africa. At times the uneasy relationship between the ICC, the African Union and a few influential African states has given rise to concerns about the future of international criminal justice in general, and in Africa in particular
    €49.- €70.-
  6. The Rationality of Dictators

    Publication date: November 24, 2016<
    The Rationality of Dictators
    400 pp. | paperback

    Through a comparative case study of Pol Pot and Slobodan Milosevic this book looks at the role ideology plays in the decision-making process of the dictator.
    €63.- €90.-
  7. The Governance of Complementary Global Regimes and the Pursuit of Human Security
    438 pp. | paperback

    This book offers an overview of the challenges occurring in the emerging regime of international criminal justice as a tool of sustainable peace. It illustrates the impact of such regime in international law and international relations focusing on the obstacles and concerns of its governance in the context of the maintenance and restoration of international peace and security.
    €66.50 €95.-
  8. Individual Criminal Liability for the International Crime of Aggression
    286 pp. | paperback

    The second edition of this volume contains an overview and discussion of the historical and normative processes (legal and political) that culminated in the adoption of the Kampala Resolution on the Crime of Aggression (2010).
    €52.50 €75.-
  9. Addressing the Intentional Destruction of the Environment during Warfare under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
    354 pp. | paperback

    This book examines the current international legal regime relevant to the intentional destruction of the environment during warfare, where it has intentionally been targeted as a ‘victim’, or somehow manipulated to serve as a ‘weapon’ of warfare.
    €52.50 €75.-
  10. Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence

    Publication date: December 18, 2013<
    Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence
    271 pp. | paperback

    Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence examines how the experiences of victims of genocidal gender and sexual violence have been addressed on a theoretical and practical level.
    €38.50 €55.-
  11. Whose Responsibility?

    Publication date: July 11, 2013<
    Whose Responsibility?
    160 pp. | paperback

    The growing attention being paid to transnational criminality and the emergence of new models of state cooperation make it necessary to reconsider the traditional features of human rights enforcement. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of how criminal procedural rights are (if at all) protected within the framework of mutual recognition within the EU. The study concentrates on the Framework Decision on the European Arrest Warrant.
    €38.50 €55.-
  12. EU Sanctions: Law and Policy Issues Concerning Restrictive Measures
    266 pp. | paperback

    The famous "Kadi" cases have generated a wealth of articles dealing with the legal problems involved in EU implementation of UN Security Council sanctions. Less attention has been devoted to the numerous legal problems involved in the EU’s own “autonomous” sanctions system. The subject is nevertheless topical since there is a growing use of sanctions and the legal basis for sanctions has been changed with the Lisbon treaty. The essays in this...
    €42.- €60.-
  13. The United States and International Criminal Tribunals
    218 pp. | paperback

    Currently, there are many anti-American criticisms throughout the international legal community concerning the foreign relations policies of the United States, in particular, its position on the International Criminal Court. This book considers over 150 years of United States policies on international criminal tribunals and the prosecution of international crimes.
    €48.30 €69.-
  14. Victimological Approaches to International Crimes: Africa
    726 pp. | paperback

    Legal initiatives to prevent genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity have considerable shortcomings in dealing with victims of international crimes. Transcending the disciplinary divisions in the study of victims of international crimes is the main focus of this first volume of essays contributing to developing victimological approaches to international crimes. Focusing on the African continent, scholars from different disciplines rev...
    €69.30 €99.-
  15. The European Public Prosecutor's Office

    Publication date: October 28, 2011<
    The European Public Prosecutor's Office
    504 pp. | paperback

    After years of debate, the Treaty of Lisbon introduced a legal basis for the introduction of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office in article 86 TFEU. This book examines those questions related to the way the Office may be embedded in the Union’s institutional structure.
    €66.50 €95.-
  16. The Principle of Mutual Recognition in Cooperation in Criminal Matters
    416 pp. | paperback

    The principle of mutual recognition in cooperation in criminal matters thoroughly analyses on of the essential principles in EU criminal law. It deals with the European Arrest Warrant, the framework decision on freezing, the framework decision on financial penalties and the framework decision on confiscation and their implementation in the Nordic Member States.
    €55.30 €79.-
  17. International Criminal Law from a Swedish Perspective
    278 pp. | paperback

    This book describes and analyses the Swedish legal rules and practices regarding jurisdiction, mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, extradition and the EU arrest warrant. The Swedish law and practice in international criminal law is particularly significant for two main reasons. It is a system which is both logical and coherent. It displays a considerable Germanic theoretical influence, but its sophistication is tempered by pragmatism,...
    €59.50 €85.-
  18. The Implementation of the European Arrest Warrant in the European Union: law, policy and practice
    253 pp. | paperback

    This book provides a critical analysis of the principle of mutual recognition of judicial decisions in criminal matters in the EU, through a detailed assessment of its most prominent instrument, the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). It conceptualises and contextualises the lack of clear vision in the building up of the area of freedom, security and justice from an EU constitutional law, as well as a comparative and international criminal law stan...
    €45.50 €65.-
  19. Collective Violence and International Criminal Justice
    254 pp. | paperback

    Extreme forms of collective violence such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes can endanger international peace and security. They are extremely complex social phenomena and it takes an inter- and multidisciplinary approach to understand the true nature of this type of criminality and to effectively prosecute the perpetrators thereof. This book enhances our knowledge of these complex phenomena and thus contributes to a better ...
    €44.80 €64.-
  20. Supranational Criminology: Towards a Criminology of International Crimes
    593 pp. | paperback

    The study of international crimes, like war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, deserves to grow into a separate and fully fledged specialization within criminology: supranational criminology. This book aims to repair the fundamental and historical neglect of criminology and to break out of a state of denial by putting international crimes on the criminological agenda.
    €59.50 €85.-
  21. Application of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law to the Armed Conflicts of the Sudan
    304 pp. | paperback

    Despite the tragic death toll, massive displacement, alleged genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, the Sudanese conflicts have neither featured in the legal literature nor been mentioned in the practice of international Tribunals. This book aims to rectify this by focusing on the ‘Sudan’s armed conflicts’ as a case study.
    €46.90 €67.-
  22. Sentencing and Sanctioning in Supranational Criminal Law
    212 pp. | paperback

    The supranational system is still under construction and will be so for at least some decades before it can be called a consistent system with an intrinsic logic. Sentencing and sanctioning is one of the issues in which this becomes clear.
    €33.25 €47.50
  23. Harmonization of Criminal Law in Europe
    158 pp. | paperback

    This book analyses harmonization of criminal law in Europe from different perspectives.
    €25.90 €37.-
  24. Double Jeopardy Without Parameters
    278 pp. | paperback

    This book deals with the double jeopardy rule, namely the practice of multiple characterisation of the same facts, under different headings, in international criminal law.
    €42.- €60.-
  25. Supranational Criminal Law: a System Sui Generis
    370 pp. | paperback

    What exactly is the context in which all aspects of this new field of criminal law have to be interpreted? What does the principle of legality mean in the context of supranational criminal law? Which tradition lies at the basis of this new law system? Is supranational criminal law as it grows the result of a deliberate policy, tending towards a coherent system? Or is it merely the result of crisis management?
    €46.90 €67.-