About the series

European Environmental Law Forum

The European Environmental Law Forum is a non-profit initiative of environmental law scholars and practitioners from across Europe aiming to support intellectual exchange on the development and implementation of international, European and national environmental law in Europe.

Available volumes

  1. Environmental Law for Transitions to Sustainability
    328 pp. | paperback

    This book presents inspiring ideas about how law can support the fundamental transition processes to a sustainable future and how it can provide guidance on the pathways to sustainability.
  2. Environmental Loss and Damage in a Comparative Law Perspective
    536 pp. | paperback

    This book analyzes the legal issues arising from and relating to environmental loss and damage. It does so from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective, examining both public and private law aspects. It takes into consideration specific legal issues concerning liability, compensation and restoration of damage in different sectors and jurisdictions.
  3. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
    258 pp. | paperback

    This book is a collection of peer reviewed contributions addressing various legal aspects of sustainable management of natural resources. Natural resources are in this book understood in broad terms encompassing biodiversity, water, air and soil, as well as raw materials.
  4. Procedural Environmental Rights
    502 pp. | paperback

    'Procedural Environmental Rights: Principle X in Theory and Practice' provides an overview of various aspects of the current status, development and practice of rights of access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters following their codification as non-binding principles in Principle X of the Rio Declaration.
  5. The Effectiveness of Environmental Law
    348 pp. | paperback

    The central topic of this book is the effectiveness of environmental law. It offers a fruitful and stimulating dialogue between practitioners and academics, from varied countries and varied fields, combining empirical and theoretical approaches to the topic.
  6. EU Environmental and Planning Law Aspects of Large-Scale Projects
    384 pp. | paperback

    This book offers a selection of the contributions presented at the EELF Conference.