About us

Intersentia is a leading legal publishing house based in Cambridge, UK. It is present around the world, with distributors on four continents.

Our ethos

Where being global does not preclude being local. Where publishing is personal, and where authors matter. Where quality is more important than quantity. Where a book is not just a product. Where our approach is collaborative, and we work with and for our authors. Where an author is not just someone who writes and where a publisher is not just someone who prints.

With modern technology, design and strategies. With paper publications and e-publications. With open access possibilities, databases and software packages. With room for creativity and ideas, with room for questions and room for answers.

Because we know what it means to write a book. Because we know what it takes to create a book. Because we care. Because you care. Because publishing matters. Because a book is not just a book.

Our books

In Cambridge, Intersentia focuses on quality English language books for lawyers who are leaders in their field and aspire to make a meaningful contribution. Our books are regularly referred to in works of international, transnational and national bodies, such as the European Commission, United Nations and national Law Commissions and legislators, as well as in judgments. Many of our titles focus on relevant issues of transnational law, such as International Law, European Union Law and Private International Law. Others comprise of comparative research on carefully selected and topical issues that are of importance to lawyers in many jurisdictions.

Our books reflect our detailed understanding of both common law and civil law jurisdictions and our awareness of jurisdictional specificities, which is highly valued by both our readers and our authors. In order to control and enhance quality, peer review is a highly valued practice at Intersentia. In addition all of our books are language and copy-edited by UK-based English native speakers at no cost to the author. Thus, we ensure quality standards without any compromises.

Our history

Intersentia Ltd was originally founded as a subsidiary of Intersentia NV, established in 1997 by Hans Kluwer and based in Mortsel (Belgium). Intersentia NV operates in the national legal publishing markets of Belgium and the Netherlands publishing books and journals in Dutch. Its reputation quickly grew beyond national borders, so in 2010 Intersentia opened its UK office for English language publications. In 2018, Intersentia was recognised for its expertise by the family-owned publishing group Lefebvre Sarrut. Intersentia now sits alongside Lefebvre Sarrut’s highly respected national imprints, including Dalloz (France), Sdu (The Netherlands), Larcier (Belgium), Guiffre (Italy), and El Derecho (Spain), to name a few.


Meet the Cambridge office

Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe | Publisher and General Manager

Ann-Christin has been heading Intersentia’s Cambridge office since its foundation in 2010. She holds law degrees from a civil law (German State Exam, University of Hamburg) and a common law jurisdiction (LLM with first class honours from the University of Auckland). During her studies she worked for five years at the Max Planck Institute for comparative and international Private Law in Hamburg. Her academic and particularly comparative knowledge means that she is uniquely placed to work with authors of both common law and civil law backgrounds. 

For more information on publishing with Intersentia, please contact Ann-Christin on ac.maak@intersentia.co.uk

Rebecca Moffat
| Editor

Rebecca, who holds a law degree from the University of East Anglia, joined Intersentia in 2017, bringing eight years of experience working with writers and managing projects in a range of subject areas. She looks after the English title list from final submission to publication.

Ahmed Hegazi
| Editor

Ahmed holds law degrees from common law (LLB Law and French from Cardiff University; LLM from SOAS, University of London) and civil law (Licence de droit from Université de Nantes) jurisdictions. He has extensive research and project management experience in both the non-profit and private legal sectors.

Aneta PilĨíková
|Sales & Marketing Assistant

Aneta, who holds a marketing degree from the Anglia Ruskin University, joined Intersentia in 2020. She has spent several years working in sales, marketing and customer relations for various sectors. She now oversees the marketing of Intersentia’s international titles.

Meet the directors

Peter Bosschem
CEO of Lefebvre Sarrut Belgium

Peter obtained a Masters degree in Law and Communication and has more than thirty five years of experience in the professional publishing industry. After starting his career at Wolters Kluwer, he became Managing Director for Indicator - FL Memo in the UK, and returned to Belgium in 2013 to lead Lefebvre Sarrut Belgium as CEO.

Richard Hart
Non-executive director

Richard gained a law degree from Cambridge University, then briefly worked as a university lecturer in law before getting his first job in publishing with Professional Books. In 1986 he was appointed Law Editor at Oxford University Press, and in 1996 left to launch his own publishing company, Hart Publishing, where he was Managing Director until 2013. He joined Intersentia as a Non-executive Director in September 2016.

Hans Kluwer
Founder and Director

Hans holds a master’s degree in applied economics. He started as a research assistant at the Vlerick School of Management (Ghent University) and worked as a chartered public accountant and audit manager at Price Waterhouse (now PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers) in Brussels and Philadelphia. In 1996 Hans founded Intersentia.

Kris Moermans