European Energy Law Report XII

This volume includes chapters on 'Newcomers in the Electricity Market: Aggregators and Storage', 'Hydropower Concessions in the EU: A Need for Liberalisation or Privatisation?', 'Investments and des-Investments in the Energy Sector', 'Offshore Decommissioning in the North Sea', 'CCS as a Climate Tool: North Sea Practice' and 'From EU Climate Goals to National Climate Laws'.
Martha M. Roggenkamp, Catherine Banet
book | published | 1st edition
November 2018 | xxii + 292 pp.



ISBN 9781780686721

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The European Energy Law Reports are an initiative taken by the organisers of the European Energy Law Seminar which has been organised on an annual basis since 1989 at Noordwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands. The aim of this seminar is to present an overview of the most important legal developments in the field of International, EU and national energy and climate law. Whereas the first seminars concentrated on the developments at EC level, which were the results of the establishment of an Internal Energy Market, the focus has now gradually switched to the developments at the national level following the implementation of the EU Directives with regard to the internal electricity and gas markets. This approach can also be found in these reports.

This volume includes chapters on “Developments in EU Energy Law”, “Renewable Energy: Cross-border Projects and Dispute Settlement”, “Capacity Reserve Mechanism”, “Prosumers”, and “New Developments in the European Gas Market”.

Table of Contents

Table of contents and preliminary pages (p. 0)

Martha M. Roggenkamp, Catherine Banet

Introduction (p. 1)

Martha M. Roggenkamp, Catherine Banet

Part I. Developments in the EU and EU Energy Law

Chapter I. Brexit and its Impact on the Energy Sector (p. 11)

Chapter II. EU Case Law and the Energy Sector (p. 43)

Part II. Promoting Renewable Energy Production: Cross-Border Projects and Dispute Settlement

Chapter III. Renewable Energy Investment Disputes (p. 63)

Chapter IV. Offshore Hybrid Grid Infrastructures (p. 95)

Chapter V. Danish-German Cooperation on the First Cross-Border Tenders for Renewable Energy (p. 113)

Part III. Energy Consumers as Renewable Energy Producers: The Concept of Prosumers

Chapter VI. Prosumer Legislation in Germany (p. 133)

Chapter VII. Legal Framework for Prosumers in the Netherlands (p. 151)

Chapter VIII. Prosumer Legislation in Norway (p. 169)

Part IV. Balancing Renewable Electricity Production with Supply Security: National Experiences with Capacity Mechanisms

Chapter IX. The Capacity Market in Great Britain (p. 191)

Chapter X. Capacity Mechanisms in Germany (p. 209)

Chapter XI. The French Capacity Mechanism (p. 231)

Part V. Promoting the Use of Sustainable Gas and Security of Gas Supply

Chapter XII. The Use of Power-to-Gas in Refineries (p. 249)

Chapter XIII. Security of Gas Supply (p. 271)