Consumer Protection in a Circular Economy

This book explores the concept of a circular economy from both a legal and an interdisciplinary perspective.
Bert Keirsbilck, Evelyne Terryn
book | forthcoming | 1st edition
August 2019 | xi + 282 pp.


ISBN 9781780686578

Publication date: August 30, 2019


In recent years, policy makers at various levels have discovered the concept of a circular economy and as a result, are increasingly proposing strategies and legal instruments to support the transition from a linear economy towards a more circular economy.

This book explores the concept of a circular economy from both a legal and an interdisciplinary perspective. It provides an in-depth analysis of the initiatives taken at EU level and in several EU Member States (including Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia and the Scandinavian countries), both with regard to movables and immovables and in the various stages of the value chain.

Consumer Protection in a Circular Economy provides the reader with an examination of the most pressing issues in consumer protection today.

The book contains the following contributions:

- The Circular Economy Action Plan: An Agenda for Change!, Hugo Maria Schally
- Consumer Protection in the Circular Economy in Europe – Legal Initiatives and Challenges – The Commission’s View. Key Note Speech, Renatas Mazeika
- Technology for Circular Economy. A New Paradigm for the Way We Use Resources, Karel Van Acker
- Circular Economy, An Economist’s Perspective, Johan Eyckmans
- The Design and Production Stage: Ecodesign Requirements, Anaïs Michel
- Labelling and Green Claims, Bert Keirsbilck
- A Right to Repair? Towards Sustainable Remedies in Consumer Law, Evelyne Terryn
- From a Product-Based Economy to Services? Legal Aspects of an Economy in Transition, Fryderyk Zoll
- Towards a Circular Economy in EU Consumer Markets – Legal Possibilities and Legal Challenges and the Dutch Example, Vanessa Mak and Enna Lujinovic
- The “Circular Economy” – National Legal Initiatives and Challenges Concerning Movables – Belgium, Annick De Boeck
- A Scandinavian Perspective on the Role of Consumers in the Circular Economy, Eléonore Maitre-Ekern and Carl Dalhammar
- ‘Servitization’ and Movables. Legal Initiatives and Challenges in Slovenia, Petra Weingerl and Janja Hojnik
- Belgian Property Law and the Circular Economy – Challenges and Opportunities for Real Estate, Benjamin Verheye
- Consumer Protection in a Circular Economy. Real Estate – German Report, Klaus Tonner
- The Circular Economy in the Real Estate Sector. Challenges and Opportunities in Spain, Francisco de Elizalde


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