Lars van Vliet

van Vliet

Lars van Vliet studied law at Maastricht University where he graduated cum laude (highest honours). Afterwards he studied tax law for one year at the same institute. In 2000 he defended his PhD. thesis entitled 'Transfer of movables in German, French, English and Dutch law' at Maastricht University under the supervision of Prof. J.H.M. van Erp (Maastricht), and Prof. B.A. Rudden (Brasenose College, Oxford).
Part of the research was done at Oxford University. He also taught comparative property law as a visiting lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Aberdeen and Strathclyde University in Glasgow. In 2009 and 2010 he taught the master course 'The Aruban law of security rights' at the University of Aruba. He regularly lectures at the Stellenbosch Law Faculty. He was appointed a fellow of the South African Research Chair in Property Law at Stellenbosch University.
Lars van Vliet is the secretary and treasurer of the Netherlands Comparative Law Association. He is specialising in (comparative) property law, bankruptcy law and the law of partnerships.

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