Veronika Flegar

Veronika Flegar is currently the First Secretary for Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs and Gender at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During the research for this book (2015–2019), she worked as a PhD researcher at the Department of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Public Administration (University of Groningen, The Netherlands). Between 2017 and 2019, Veronika lived and worked in Sudan where she conducted field research for this book with UNHCR and IOM (2017–2018) and worked as a consultant for UNDP (2019). Veronika was also a guest lecturer at Ahfad University for Women (Sudan, 2017) and a visiting researcher at Lund University (Sweden, 2018). Previously, she worked for the Dutch Council for Refugees and for the ERC-funded project 'Rethinking Disability' at the Institute for History (Leiden University, The Netherlands). In addition, Veronika has been engaged in policy-oriented research and consultancies for several UN agencies and nongovernmental organisations. Veronika studied International Relations and International Organisation (Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 2012, cum laude) at the University of Groningen and the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico) and International Law and the Law of International Organisations (Master of Laws (Specialisation Human Rights) 2013, summa cum laude) at the University of Groningen. Her research interest revolves around international organisations, humanitarian affairs and migration governance. Her previous publications include discussions on the content, context and challenges of the vulnerability notion in relation to international human rights law, humanitarian policies, border management, non-refoulement, nondiscrimination, disability and procedural justice.

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