Georges Baur

Georges Baur is a Senior Research Fellow specialising in European law and international trade law at the Liechtenstein-Institute. He received his doctorate in law from the University of Zurich before being admitted to the bar. Prior to joining the Liechtenstein-Institute in 2018, he advised the Liechtenstein Government on fi nancial services issues and European law, was the Deputy Head of the Liechtenstein Mission to the EU and acted as Assistant Secretary General of EFTA. He also chaired the Scientifi c Board of the Liechtenstein-Institute until 2003. His research interests lie in European association law and other forms of international treaties as well as their institutional structures. His work also covers legal theory and its historical development. His current research focuses on the recent development of European external relations, particularly with view to the UK and EFTA, including the doctrinal aspects of their structural principles.

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