Annette Nordhausen Scholes

Nordhausen Scholes

Annette Nordhausen Scholes comes from northern Germany. She studied for her first law degree (the 1st State Exam (erste juristische Staatsprüfung)) at the University of Bremen, followed by a postgraduate degree in European and International Law (LL.M.Eur.), also in Bremen. She did the practical stage of her training as a German lawyer (the Referendariat) and obtained her 2nd State Exam (zweite juristische Staatsprüfung) in Lower Saxony and is accordingly fully qualified to act as a lawyer, public prosecutor or judge there. She worked there as a commercial lawyer in private practice (Rechtsanwältin), and subsequently as a lecturer (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at the University of Bremen. She moved to the UK in February 2002 to take the post of DAAD lecturer (Fachlektorin) for German law at Sheffield University, and in 2004 was appointed to a law lecturership there. She joined the School of Law in August 2007.

She is visiting professor at the University of Udine (in NE Italy) and has been visiting scholar at the Dijon Business School (France). She is an expert adviser to the European Parliament on consumer law issues.

Her doctoral thesis is on information duties in e-commerce contracts. She has published widely in the fields of consumer law and e-commerce law. She has been co-author of two detailed studies for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) (as it then was) and has advised the DTI on consumer law issues. She also is co-editor of the Yearbook of Consumer Law (Ashgate).

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