John Asland


Johan Asland (Cand. jur. 2002) has previously worked as an associate in the law firm BA-HR, temporarily appointed appellate court judge in Borgarting lagmannsrett (Oslo) and adviser in the Ministry of Justice, Legislation Department. He was awarded his PhD in 2008 on the thesis ’Uskifte’. As from 2010 Asland is associate professor at the Department of Private Law and from 2012 Professor.
Asland is also professor II at Lillehammer University College, co-editor of Journal of Law of Succession, Family Law and Child Wellfare Law, business manager of the Statute Book Foundation of the Faculty of Law, vice chairman of the Board of Directors of The University of Oslo Library and a member of the board of NIR (Norwegian Association of Industrial Property Protection) and Norwegian department of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) and member of ISFL (International Society of Family Law). He has previously held postitions as secretary of the Inheritance Act Commission, assistant editor of the journal Lov og Rett, and as a legally trained member of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office’s Board of Appeal.

Asland has wide experience in teaching both as a university teacher and in courses for lawyers.

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