Mitsue Inazumi

Mitsue Inazumi is Professor of public international law at Kanazawa University, Japan. She is a member of the Japanese Society of International Law, Japanese Association of World Law, and International Human Rights Law Association in Japan.

She studied criminal law and criminal justice at California State University at Long Beach (United States of America). She also studied at Nagoya University (Japan) and obtained Law Degree, Master of Laws, and finished the doctorate course, majoring public international law. She was a NGO delegate to the Rome Conference for the establishment of the International Criminal Court (Italy) in July 1998.

While working for Kanazawa University, she conducted her research at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights at Utrecht University (the Netherlands) as a visiting scholar from September 2001 to August 2003. She obtained her Doctoral Degree of Law (PhD) at Utrecht University.

Her research focuses on the national and international criminal jurisdiction for the prosecution of gross human rights violations, and she has published many articles on the International Criminal Court (ICC), ICTY, ICTR, and universal jurisdiction.

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