Marc Van Oosterhout

Marc van Oosterhout holds two degrees in law (criminal law and forensics) from Maastricht University (the Netherlands). His main research interests are in the fields of (European) criminal procedure and fundamental (suspects’) rights, police proceedings and interrogation. During the course of this research project, he was a researcher at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at Maastricht University.

Before that he had been appointed as a researcher and tutor at the same institution. Earlier he was involved in another European project studying rights of suspects in police detention during which he conducted fieldwork in the Netherlands and Scotland. Besides empirical research, he was involved in the daily operational tasks that are required in large-scale research projects. Due to his research and operational skills, Marc has conducted legal and empirical research in the Netherlands and Belgium and is part of the project management team. He has also been responsible for social media (project website, LinkedIn and Twitter account) during the project.

At present, he is a project manager at AMBER Alert Netherlands where he is responsible for further local embedding of AMBER Alert, organizing and analysing an EU regional police cooperation pilot and various other projects.

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