David Roef


Dr. David Roef is assistent professor in criminal law at the University Maastricht. He studied law at the Free University of Brussels. He defended his dissertation “Strafbare Overheden. Een rechtsvergelijkende studie naar de strafrechtelijke aansprakelijkheid van overheden voor milieuverstoring” (A comparative study on the criminal liability of public legal entities for environmental pollution) cum laude in 2001. It was awarded the J.C. Ruigrok-award in 2004 and the Modderman-prize for best dissertation in the field of criminal law in 2005.

Dr. Roef also worked as a researcher for the Dutch parlementary commission on construction fraud (2002). He has been frequently involved in (comparative) legal research related to environmental criminal law, corruption and criminal liability of legal entities. He currently lectures in subjects including comparative criminal law, legal philosophy, neurolaw and criminal policy.

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