Philippe Culliford


Philippe Culliford has a master degree in law (University of Ghent, 1994), a Master of intellectual property rights (Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, 2011) and acquired a Diplôme en Gestion Fiscale (Institut Supérieur de Commerce Saint-Louis, 1996) and a Certificat en fiscalité Internationale (Institut Supérieur de Commerce Saint-Louis, 1999).
He followed numerous seminars, including one on American labour law that was organised by the American Bar Association in 2007 in Philadelphia.
As an Assistant at the Department of social law studies, he studied Belgian and European labour law, with focus on the employment law in neighbouring countries that could affect Belgian law.
He successively was a company lawyer at a large financial institution (1994-1998), a legal consultant in the fiscal-legal department of a large audit group (1998-2001) and a member of the Dutch-speaking Brussels Bar (2001-2010). Since 2012 he is an Assistant at the Department of social law at the Law Faculty of Ghent University.

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