Eveline Ramaekers


Eveline Ramaekers currently holds a post as a Career Development Fellow in Law at Wadham College, Oxford. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies (LLB, LLM with distinction) at the European Law School (Maastricht) between 2003-2008. She was awarded a doctorate in European Union property law by Maastricht University in April 2013. Before moving to Oxford she was a visiting lecturer and researcher at the China-EU School of Law (Beijing), the University of Muenster and the South-African Research Chair in Property Law in Stellenbosch. Her research interests include EU property law, comparative property law and private international law. She co-founded the Young Property Lawyers Forum (YPLF), a global network for junior property law researchers, and now co-chairs its Board of Advisors. She has co-edited several volumes of the “Property Law Perspectives book” series in which the papers presented at the YPLF are published.

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