Simone van den Driest

van den Driest

Simone F. van den Driest works as an assistant professor of public international law at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden University.
She successfully defended her dissertation ‘Remedial Secession. A Right to External Self-Determination as a Remedy to Serious Injustices?’ at Tilburg University in April 2013. Previously, she studied International and European Law at the same university, where she completed both the Master International and European Public Law and the Research Master in Law cum laude in 2008. Her Master’s thesis ‘Pro-Democratic Regime Change and the Right to Political Self-Determination: A Case Study of Iraq’ was awarded with the Tilburg University Faculty of Law Master’s Thesis Award 2008 and the Tilburg University Research Master’s Thesis Award 2008.
Simone worked as a lecturer and assistant professor respectively at the Department of European and International Public Law of Tilburg Law School, where she lectured and coordinated several courses in the field of public international law. Moreover, she was involved in the Statelessness Programme of Tilburg University (currently the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion) as a coordinator of the Statelessness Summer Course.
At Leiden University, Simone lectures and coordinates various courses on public international law on both the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Her research interests lie within the broad field of public international law. She is particularly interested in questions concerning the creation of States, the right to self-determination, secession, and the position of non-State actors – including peoples and de facto States – in public international law.

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