Brigit Toebes


Brigit Toebes is an Associate Professor and Rosalind Franklin Fellow at the Department of International Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen (the Netherlands), where she teaches public international law, international humanitarian law, and human rights law. Her specialist areas are human rights, in particular economic, social and cultural rights, the definition of health as a right, the broader interfaces between health and human rights, (international) health law, medical ethics, international humanitarian law, and public international law more generally. She has written widely in these areas, including books and articles in leading human rights and health law journals.
She also advises public health experts on how to embed human rights in their research and public health policies (eg WHO, OSF). She is an editor of the “Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights” (NQHR), and a Board Member of the International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organizations (IFHHRO). She is affiliated to the University of Aberdeen as an Honorary Lecturer. Due to her stay abroad (Aberdeen and Copenhagen) she maintains a wide and interdisciplinary network in the field of human rights and health law.

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