Giselle Corradi


Giselle Corradi is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Human Rights Centre at the Law Faculty of Ghent University. She studied law in Buenos Aires before moving to Ghent, where she completed her Masters in Comparative Studies of Culture (2005) and her PhD in Law (2012). Her PhD research dealt with the role of international development actors regarding human rights and legal pluralism in sub-Saharan Africa, with case studies in Sierra Leone and Mozambique.
Before joining the Human Rights Centre as a researcher in 2008, she worked as a consultant for fair trade projects in Guatemala and Peru for the Durabilis Foundation (2006-2007). In her current position as a researcher she combines her expertise in the domains of law, anthropology and development, with particular attention for gender.
She is also a board member of the Flemish Interuniversity Research Network on Law and Development Law&Dev and of the Commission of Legal Pluralism. She is also a member of the human rights component of the VLIR-UOS Institutional Cooperation Programme with Mozambique DESAFIO and she is editorial assistant for the “journal Human Rights and International Legal Discourse” (HRILD).

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