Hanneke Luth


Hanneke A. Luth Ph.D LL.M is a self-employed management and strategy consultant, specialising in cyber and information security issues.

Hanneke graduated cum laude from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in Law and Economics (Erasmus Mundus), after obtaining degrees both in Economics (master; bachelor) and in Law (bachelor). She also obtained her doctorate in 2010 in Law and Economics (Erasmus Mundus), with her dissertation ‘Behavioural Economics in Consumer Policy’. Erasmus Mundus took Hanneke to various locations across Europe and beyond for her studies, such as Bologna, Ghent, Hamburg and Berkeley (USA).

She has been involved with the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) from its inception, serving as member of the Launch Committee and first President of the Association. She has served on the EM Selection Board, and has been involved in several policy discussions regarding European Higher Education both with the European Commission and the European Parliament.

As a strategy consultant, Hanneke has worked mostly for the National Government, on issues varying from cyber security to social economic studies and impact of industrial reform. She is currently part of the Taskforce Information Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, advising organisations in the public sector on improving their information security.

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