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Catalogue 2022

We are delighted to present our new and forthcoming publications in this 2022 catalogue. Despite the challenges of the last year, we continue to publish a strong portfolio of books that explore topical issues and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields. We also continue to explore new technological possibilities through our online platform, IntersentiaOnline.

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Intersentia warmly invites you to come and meet us at the conferences, book fairs and other academic meetings, which will be attended throughout this year.

You will be able to review our latest publications and enjoy attractive discounts on all publications on display.

If you work on a script yourself, we would be very interested in exploring publishing opportunities with you as we always seek opportunities to expand our publishing program.

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Intersentia has made over 200 books available digitally for both individuals and institutions.

Institutions can access our eBooks via Cambridge University Press's academic digital publishing platform, Cambridge CoreCambridge Core is the online home of over 34,000 academic books and over 370 journals.

Individuals can purchase individual eBooks via our website.

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New from IntersentiaOnline

Domestic Violence and Parental Child Abduction (Open Access)

This book addresses the issue of mothers who, fleeing from domestic violence, take their children with them and thus become liable for international child abduction. It examines how protection measures can help the abducting mother in this context, with a special focus on the utility of Regulation 606/2013 on mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters and Directive 2011/99/EU on the European Protection Order, which allow cross-border circulation of protection measures.

IntersentiaOnline is a new online platform that provides instant access to quality law resources. By combining technology, publishing knowledge and expert authors, this platform can encompass resources that are quality-assured, topical and updateable. The platform includes both Open Access and paid for content, in a range of formats: articles, monographs, edited collections, model laws, case commentaries and more.

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