Free Movement of Patients in the EU

This book investigates the complex issues European patients face when obtain-ing healthcare abroad. It offers a clarification of both the legal and non-legal obstacles of cross-border patient mobility while focusing primarily on the needs and interests of the patients.
Gabriella Berki
book | forthcoming | 1st edition
January 2018 | 289 pp.


ISBN 9781780685755

Publication date: January 12, 2018


The issues of patient mobility have been high on the EU’s political agenda for the last two decades. However, the adoption of the Patient Mobility Directive, which had to be implemented by the Member States until 25 October 2013, added to the complexity of an already complex legislative system. Thus both, the new questions raised by the new piece of legislation and the old questions left without satisfactory answers call for new solutions.

So particularly at a time, when the national application of the Directive is begin-ning to have an impact on border-crossing patients it is imperative to revisit pa-tient mobility. However, in contrast to the existing literature, Free Movement of Patients in the EU tests the current legal landscape from the perspective of bor-der-crossing patients. How, in a multi-player arena of patients, healthcare pro-viders, healthcare funds, national governments, Union institutions, etc. with colliding ideologies can the legal situation be improved in a way that better serves patients’ interests while respecting the responsibilities of the Member States in this field and with the legal tools currently available?

This book is of interest to scholars and practising experts dealing with patient mobility or social security issues as well as stakeholders and decision-makers.


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