1. Common Interests in International Litigation provides answers to questions that international litigation faces as the result of an increasing recognition of common interests in this area, with an ever-expanding network of specialised judicial bodies.

  2. This book is the first comprehensive and empirical analysis of all cases of the European Court of Human Rights from 1979 to 2016 to which third-party interventions by non-governmental organizations, member states and individuals were made. It particularly assesses the role and influence of interest groups in the decision-making of the Court.

  3. 'I think you are misunderstanding the perceived problem here, Mr President. No one is saying that you broke any laws. We are just saying it is a little bit weird that you did not have to.’ - John Oliver

  4. This Research Guide focuses on how to find and use instruments of international organizations and is mainly intended to be a practical instrument for students at an advanced level, lawyers and public servants. It offers a detailed description on how to do research in sources of international law in the most efficient way.
  5. Private Law Development in Context

    Publication date: June 30, 2017

    This book compiles and puts into perspective portraits of 36 professors of private law from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who completed the core of their academic oeuvre in the 20th century.